Saturday, 11 February 2012

Review: Pura Body Naturals

If you haven't tried the Pura Body Naturals line, I recommend that you do. I had never heard of the Pura Body Naturals line until I received the Cupuacu Butter at a swap over the summer. My hair is not a huge fan of butter sand oils, so I decided to hold of using it until the Winter. I used 3 products from the line:
1. Chocolate Hair Smoothie
2. MuruMuru Moisture Milk (Tahitian Vanilla scent)
3. Cupuacu Butter (Tahitian Vanilla scent)

I cleansed my hair with the Terresentials Mud wash (LOVE this stuff!) and applied the Chocolate Smoothie. It looks and smells like chocolate mousse. I covered my hair with a plastic cap and let it sit for about 25 minutes. The directions say to use heat for deep conditioning, but I just wrapped my head with a towel to use my natural body heat. When I rinsed my hair I immediately noticed the softness and I was easily able to finger detangle. My hair looked light and fluffy and had a slight shine to it.

Next I applied the MuruMuru Milk as a leave in. I apply my leave ins in sections throughout my whole head first before applying my styling product. This milk is actually a thick cream. It felt very moisturizing but not too heavy because my hair still look and felt light and fluffy. My hair is thick (density) but my strands are fine so I don’t like products to weigh it down too much.

I used the Cupuacu Butter last to twist with. I applied the butter in sections and then twisted my hair before moving to the next section. Last winter I failed at twistouts but I realized my mistake; I was using gels for definition. Now I use creams and butters and get great results. So I was anxious to see how this combo would turn out.

I left my hair twisted for about 2 days (it was snowing over the weekend so I didn’t have anywhere to go). I really liked the results. My hair was super soft and very defined.

Since then I have used the Chocolate Smoothie several times as a Deep Conditioner, always with great results. I have also used the MuruMuru Milk as a leave in and a moisturizer a few times since this initial trial. I used it yesterday to fluff and reshape a braidout. I really like these products and am glad that I tried them. I plan to try other products from the line in the near future.

Have you tried the Pura Body Naturals line yet?


  1. Love the end results!

    I have two versions of the Cupaucu butter in Tahitian and Lemongrass scents. Heart them to bits. I do plan on gettng their leave ins very soon. Great post Joy!

    1. Thanks! I must say that I am loving this line.


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