Sunday, 20 May 2012

Week Eight: Moisture & Sealing & Second Check-In

Hey Natural Beauties,

You may or may not have known that afro textured hair is inherently dry. IT IS! We can't help that. However, there are ways to moisturize your hair and lock that moisture in for lasting, soft, and moisturized hair. You can remember when you were a child and your mom greased your scalp. Contrary to her belief, she wasn't "moisturizing" your hair. The NUMBER ONE moisturizer is water and products with water as its first ingredients are the best moisturizers for your hair. We would all like to believe that oils such as castor oil moisturize our hair, but they actually seal in moisture. Learning about the steps to moisturized and sealed hair will lessen fairy knots, curb dryness,and give you that touchable, soft hair you've always wanted.

Youtuber IslandGurl3601 of It's a Nautural Hair Thing! is here to help us break it down for you!

Click HERE and HERE for more information on moisture and sealing!

How do you moisturize your hair? Let us know!

Can you believe it's Week Eight and we are all still going strong? Over the last few weeks we have discussed everything from ingredients to deep conditioning and treatments. We want to find out how your hair has been doing! Have you seen improvements in your hair whether it be strength, elasticity, shine, etc. Tell us about it!

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  1. Hi Beauties!!! I have learned the structure of hair,porosity,to the hair typing system,to the balance of Ph,to remembering that our hair will not be successful on the outside unless we are doing right to the insides!!!:-) I have learned that all hair is definitely not the same! What may work for another natural,may not work for me. Let alone me and my girls:-) It is what it is:-) God definitely created us all different! Amazingly:-) I have been natural all my life,but being Natural definitely requires,Love,Acceptance,Confidence,and Patience:-) Especially dealing with society:-) However,I am happy to see that natural hair is rocking the media as well:-) Oh,And I have always used water as my moisturizer:-) I now use water and Tresemme Naturals with oils...:-) Also, recently,a conditoner by Vickys Products with her oil added:-) Thanx for all the knowledge you bring to us:-) I am happy I joined this challenge:-)

  2. This challenged has completely expanded my “natural hair knowledge” in so many ways. I’m thankful and grateful you all decided to do this challenge and I decided to join. I have changed my eating habits, my exercise routine, and not only learned more about my hair, but learned more about my girl’s hair as well. The porosity and pH posts really taught me a lot, from the YouTube videos to the Google searches, all very helpful. I can see a change in my hairs growth, shine, and strength. Before this challenge, I had a lot of shedding and felt my hair wasn’t as strong as I thought it was…since this challenge my hair has gained strength and I’m more confident in my hair and its progress during my first year of being NATURAL! *smiles*
    For this week, moisture and sealing are two important keys for natural hair. Water would definitely be my main moisturizer, next would be the Shea Moisture products (hence the name Shea MOISTURE) as well as sealing with all types of oils.
    I have yet to find the best oil that works for my hair; however, like one of the posts from a few weeks ago…Jojoba oil will be one of my main oils used in my hair as well as my girl’s hair in the future.
    Thanks again Curls of Joy for your challenge of knowing and loving your hair.

  3. Informative! I've learned so much over the past 8wks, my favorite was the ph balance during week six because early in my journey i learned that the water was the reason why my hair was getting damaged. Now that the ph level is controlled my hair has been doing so much better! and I also make sure I use the right hair products with the right ph levels so i don't damage my hair from product overload!
    and moisturizing and sealing has been my friend from day one of my learning of it. thanks so much curls of joy, keep the info coming! :)

    1. What do you deal with? I have learned a lot as well. Finally how to do a successful twist out! #excited

    2. I'm not sure what you mean as far as what I deal with but product wise i mention it in my check in video on youtube As far as why my hair is damaged is because of the water here in the town i live in in florida, its very harsh, really dries out my hair, causes alot of shedding, and breakage so now I used a filter water that regulates the ph level. I mention it in this youtube video and in my blog Hope this answers your question!

  4. I have enjoyed all the topics, they have been informative, interesting and fun to learn. Since starting on this journey, I have become more familiar with my hair. I have shed most of the relaxed ends, my hair has grown and I have now been able to identify my curl pattern. I still am quite in love with my hair and love playing in it lol. I'm 2weeks away from my wedding and I can now say I have mastered luster and moisture needs of my hair at this length. Thank you Curls of Joy for allowing us to embark on this journey together

  5. Aww Congratulations on your soon to be wedding love!!!:-) Happy marriage and all that good stuff:-)

  6. Thank you for this information i definatly needed this im stillin transition stage and im learning what will and wont work on my hair quite challenging I'm up for it i have learned water is key in keeping my hair moist as well as conditioner im going to take this info and improve my routine with my hair thanks

  7. I have recently began viewing moisturizing and sealing as two separate processes. But I have noticed that some people do these two things in one step. I recently began using Kimmaytube's leave in conditioner, and I noticed that she mixed moisturizers (conditioner) with sealants (oil and aloe vera juice) and humectants. I consider aloe vera juice to be a sealant because its acidic pH makes the hair cuticle close. How can moisture get in the hair if the cuticles are closed? So once I realized this, I decided to embark on a quest to develop my own homemade treatments in which I respect the distinction between moisturizing, sealing,etc. and utilize these distinctions to apply things to my hair in the appropriate steps. I never would have considered doing this before the Curls of Joy Challenge. Thank You guys!!!!!!

  8. I'm a little late with my chec in but here it goes!


  9. Checking in! currently I deep condition with the kimmay tube leave in ( I tweaked some of the ingredients for my hair) but I rinse in cold water or airdry to seal my cuticle. Remember when deep conditioning, heat either body heat from plastic cap or hooded dryer opean the cuticle to accept all conditioning agents. Aloe Vera juice is a ph stabilizer
    That helps to achieve the hairs natural curl air seals the cuticle.

  10. wow, great information!!! knowing the key 4 four ingredients in a good moisturizer was extremely helpful!!! i am familiar and think i do a good job of doing moisturizing and sealing as two separate processes but i was a little concern about exactly what other moisturizer i should use, so now knowing the key things i should be looking for in my moisturizer i could possibly find a good moisturizer!!


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