Sunday, 6 May 2012

Week Six: Hair Ph Balance

Hey Natural Beauties,

Throughout this challenge we are all learning something new or reinforcing what we already know within the short span of 12 weeks.This week we will address the Ph balance of hair and its importance. If you want to make everyday a “good hair day” then keeping up with your hair’s Ph balance should hold a bit of significance. We not only have to know about its importance, but how to obtain it as well.

Youtube’s familiar face, Kimmaytube has provided us with a very informative video on this particular topic. Watch it here!

Youtuber MsVCharles also has discussed Ph Balance on her channel. We hope this video helps you to better understand how Ph works!

Learn about the Ph of your favorite  CONDITIONERS,SHAMPOOS, and LEAVE-INS/STYLERS!

Do you check the Ph Balance of your hair products? Are you concerned about hair Ph?


  1. I was confused at first because in the first youtube vidoe she described the differences that the pH of certain products had on her hair, but I couldn't figure out the purpose of pH...I guess I was trying to understand the "science" behind it. I felt like a fish out of water trying to understand this lol. I found the following link to be very helpful in explaining pH and hair and how one affects the other.
    What I love about each week of the challenge is that you guys give us information that leads to research and understanding. I spend about 30 minutes reading each weeks challenge and watching the videos and another three hours researching more into it. I never knew pH affected the hair, but now I know. I know my conditioner (Devacurl one condition) is 4.7 pH, my shampoo (Devacurl no poo) is 6.5, and my deep conditioner (heaven in hair) is 3.7, so um...I'm not too sure if the 3.7 is a bad thing, but I am going to keep searching. Thank You guys so much for the helpful links.

  2. loved the video's! I've seen both prior to this challenge & because of Kimmytube I waS able to figure out that the water was what was damaging my hair and take the proper steps to make it right by changing my water to a filtered, PH regulated system. As far as MsV, I JUST bought jojoba oil about 2wks ago and have added it to my hair regimen because of all the helpful facts she stated in her video. I realized I was missing a good product! Thanks Ms. V! :) Keep it coming Curls of Joy I'm enjoying the fun facts!

  3. I didn't consciously check the pH of my products before watching the kimmaytube video a while ago but went back after watching to find out the pH of some of the products I used. I think I'm going to be more diligent about it because my hair gets so frizzy and it feels like it could be smoother (a feeling which might come from raised cuticles). As for the oils, I've always had EVOO on hand. I recently started using Jojoba oil so whenever I'm using an oil, it's either plain ole EVOO or a mix of EVOO and jojoba oil.

  4. Hi again ladies:-) Yes,I would love to know the PH of my hair products and am quite concerned. However,I never bought the strips to test my products. Watching these videos are awesome reminders for me!:-) I tend to forget about information I have learned and obtained. Although,it is good to constantly go over what ever you learn to condition your mind to remembering it:-) Hopefully,I will be able to but the strips one day for now,I guess I will just stick to what I know.Thanx again beauties!!!:-) Awesome reminder!

  5. When I first begain to look at her videos I did over and over...When checking the blanace making sure it was at the right ph I did see a difference in my hair texture... but then I got the hot head and was like I didnt have to check anymore.... I was way wrong... I know now I need to...

  6. This was wonderful information!!! I hadn't checked for ph in the past, for my products. But I will definitely start as well as adding the jojoba oil into my regimen. Thanks for the info!!!!


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