Saturday, 16 June 2012

Week Twelve: Wrap Up & Final Check-in

Hey Natural Beauties!!

Can you believe this is Week 12 and that this challenge is over? We can't believe it, but it’s time to check-in and wrap up these twelve amazing challenge weeks. We’ve had many visits from familiar naturals and learned various amounts of information about our hair. Not every head is the same, but the one thing we all have in common is the desire to have healthy hair.

Let's talk about what we have learned and accomplished!

Please Complete the Following:
1. What was your favorite weekly lesson?
2. What have you learned throughout these twelve weeks?
4. What have you accomplished? Length? Moisture?
5. How have you grown as a natural?

Please look out for a special post from the Challenge Co-Hosts, which will include a discount code for 20% off your purchase of $20 or more. This is our way of saying THANK YOU for participating in the challenge. We hope you enjoyed it!

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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Week Eleven: Styling Methods & Tools

Hey Natural Beauties,
We are almost to the end of the challenge and we couldn't forget an important aspect of natural hair, styling methods and tools. For example, your hair will have different results when styled on wet hair vs dry hair. You have to KNOW what result you want, and style your hair accordingly. There is the Denman brush, paddle brush, wide tooth comb, and other tools you can use. The number one tool is of course your fingers. Learning how to style your hair can lessen excess shedding, breakage, and frustration with your hair. And let's face it, rocking a cute style is the ultimate confidence booster!

Our co-host IKnowLee of IKnowLee is here to help!!

How do you style your hair? What tools do you use? What styles would you like to try?

Monday, 4 June 2012

Week Ten: Creating a Hair Regimen

Hey Natural Beauties,

That is a video of Bronzeqt's regimen. If you don't know what a regimen is or do not have a regimen, it is basically a systematic way to care for your hair, a routine if you will. You probably have watched dozens of Youtube videos on hair regimens and try to mimic the regimen of other naturals, but you have to create YOUR own. Your hair may like being deep conditioned before OR after it's washed. You may not want to use shampoos at all. You may or may not want to pre-poo (apply oils to your hair before you shampoo to curb the drying nature of shampoos). You may conditioner only wash (co-wash).

It is evident that there are many options in your regimen. However, as 101LadyT points out, a simple regimen should include:

1. Cleansing
2. Conditioning
3. Leave-In Conditioning
4. Oil
5. Styler (Butter, Gel, Etc.)

It should be clear that some of these steps can be skipped/eliminated based on your hair's wants, but make your regimen as simple as possible. Here's what Lady T says . . .

 And last but not's a video from our surprise Co-Host, Kala of the KG Lifestyle!

There is no inherently right or wrong way to care for your hair, but you do want to get your hair into a routine to make your life easier and eventually make your hair care easier. Contrary to popular belief, natural hair IS easy. It just depends on the time and effort you want to dedicate to it!

Hope this helps!

What is your regimen? Do you co-wash? Do you use sulfate or sulfate-free shampoos?