Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Summer Must Have: Glycerin

Hi Naturalistas!

This summer, sure you should stock up on sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and find yourself to the beach at least once, but you should also make sure your products are stocked with ingredients that will truly benefit your hair. One of these products is glycerin, which is usually found in your leave ins and moisturizers. Glycerin is a humectant which is just a fancy term that means that it traps moisture from the air to soften and moisturize your tresses. For those naturals who live in dry climates, you want to be cautious when using glycerin because it can work adversely and make your hair dry and brittle. For other naturals who are living in areas with humidity and moisture in the air, you hair will most likely LOVE glycerin.

Another warning about glycerin is that because it traps moisture in the air and into your hair, it can turn our beautiful twist outs into to a full out fro if the dews are too high. Of course, there is no complete formula to gauge how glycerin will affect your hair so you really have to test it out and observe the weather patterns in your area. However, when used correctly and in the right amounts, glycerin is AMAZING. It will leave your hair soft and supple. Who doesn't love soft, touchable hair right? If you're looking for products that contain this fantastic ingredient try Karen's Body Beautiful Luscious Hair Mask and Sweet Ambrosia or Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion.

Hope that was helpful!

Who's using glycerin this summer?


  1. *Raises hand* I am! I love glycerin. I add it to my water spritz all the time.

  2. I like more glycerin based products in the winter. In the summer I use it very sparingly because as you said it will make your well defined twist out and afro. I like the way my hair plumps in twists with it but when wearing out styles I am very cautious with it. In Maryland the humidity is just too great to have so much glycerin in my hair.

  3. I like to use products with little to no glycerin in the summer because of the HUGE (literally) frizz factor. I check the dew points everyday & if it's too high, I try to stay away.

  4. Great advice! Knowing when to use glycerin has always been tricky for me! Lol! I never understood it! Thanx ladies!


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