Monday, 4 June 2012

Week Ten: Creating a Hair Regimen

Hey Natural Beauties,

That is a video of Bronzeqt's regimen. If you don't know what a regimen is or do not have a regimen, it is basically a systematic way to care for your hair, a routine if you will. You probably have watched dozens of Youtube videos on hair regimens and try to mimic the regimen of other naturals, but you have to create YOUR own. Your hair may like being deep conditioned before OR after it's washed. You may not want to use shampoos at all. You may or may not want to pre-poo (apply oils to your hair before you shampoo to curb the drying nature of shampoos). You may conditioner only wash (co-wash).

It is evident that there are many options in your regimen. However, as 101LadyT points out, a simple regimen should include:

1. Cleansing
2. Conditioning
3. Leave-In Conditioning
4. Oil
5. Styler (Butter, Gel, Etc.)

It should be clear that some of these steps can be skipped/eliminated based on your hair's wants, but make your regimen as simple as possible. Here's what Lady T says . . .

 And last but not's a video from our surprise Co-Host, Kala of the KG Lifestyle!

There is no inherently right or wrong way to care for your hair, but you do want to get your hair into a routine to make your life easier and eventually make your hair care easier. Contrary to popular belief, natural hair IS easy. It just depends on the time and effort you want to dedicate to it!

Hope this helps!

What is your regimen? Do you co-wash? Do you use sulfate or sulfate-free shampoos?


  1. My regimen is currently pretty simple:
    1. Pre-poo with coconut oil and a little leave in for my ends (massage oil mix to scalp)
    2. Wash with sulfate free shampoo, every week or every other week depending on my activities.
    3. Deep condition every week, especially after shampoos
    4. Leave in conditioner
    5. Moisturize, Oil, and seal
    6. Hot Oil treatment once a month
    Now, like most naturals, my regimen is almost forever changing. With the summer coming up, I’ll probably wear more protective styles, versus the WnGs. It is HOT in Texas and I don’t think my hair and the sun really work well together. I hear great things about grape seed oil for summer weather, so I will definitely keep more of that around. I have natural daughters as well and we all stick to the same regimen, Friday night or Saturday evenings are our designated times. I have noticed that my ends need more attention and I know the WnGs aren’t really something that helps with protecting your ends. Today I’m rocking a two strand twist and tuck style for the first time EVER since the BC. I think it is cute and different, definitely work appropriate, not sure I want to sport this look the entire summer. With my hair growing and gaining some “hang time” I feel like this “hair season” I will open up to experimenting with styles.

    Thanks again for the challenge and post this week CURLS OF JOY!

  2. My regime is simple for now and I follow the CG method as far as avoiding certain ingredients and cleansing and conditioning habits. I cowash three days a week, I use my conditioner as a leave in, and I seal with an oil (coconut or jojoba), and for my second and third day hair I just spritz it with a mixture of water, vegetable glycerin, and a few drops of lavender. I deep condition once a week and I use a shower cap to create heat. I currently have not found a leave in conditioner, but I am researching natural ingredients and am in the process of concocting a homemade leave in. I was inspired to create my own products in week 6 of the hair challenge. Hopefully by week 12 I will have created a leave in that works for my hair.

    Thank you guys for all the helpful info.

  3. I just recently posted on my blog about this. I need a regimen and a good deep conditioning treatment. I tried something this weekend and I need to get that info posted.

  4. surprisingly it occurred to me the other day that i have yet to do an actual "clarifying"-cleansing type of wash on my hair. so for the most part i got the regimen down just need to add a good cleansing to it and then decide on which/what products is the best for each step!!!

  5. I love the youtube vlogger BlakIzBeautyful's moisture regimen! Her hair is the business and my hair responds really well to it! If you ladies need a simple moisture regimen to follow you should totally look her up!

  6. Here's my regimen
    1. Detangle/Pre-poo with EVOO and/or V05 conditioner
    2.Wash: Once per month I wash with my Organix Pomegranate Green tee shampoo (sulfate free) and follow with a co-wash
    Every other week I do a ACV rinse followed by a co-wash
    3. Deep conditioner every week except for once a month when I do a hot oil treatment
    4. Moisturize, seal, and style

  7. Hi Beauties!!! Whew! Time sure does Fly:-) Hope you all are well!!!:-) I try to stick to a regimen for myself according to what's going on for the week! But I follow the CG method,so I wet my hair just about every day! And co wash once a week and sometimes dc that day!,-) I try very had to keep my routine!:-) Great videos ladies yall posted!!! Thanks again and again!!!,-)

  8. surprisingly excitedly i have finally (whew) came up with at least a basis for a solid regimen. did a prepoo with V05 condish, castor oil, jojoba oil and carrot oil, washed with Garnier Fructis Fortifying Condish, ACV rinse, DC with NGR Deep Soulutions, then Kimmaytube Leave-in. i swear my hair has never felt like it does right now. i was starting to lost hope but alas a breakthrough!!!! thanks for the information!!!


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