Saturday, 16 June 2012

Week Twelve: Wrap Up & Final Check-in

Hey Natural Beauties!!

Can you believe this is Week 12 and that this challenge is over? We can't believe it, but it’s time to check-in and wrap up these twelve amazing challenge weeks. We’ve had many visits from familiar naturals and learned various amounts of information about our hair. Not every head is the same, but the one thing we all have in common is the desire to have healthy hair.

Let's talk about what we have learned and accomplished!

Please Complete the Following:
1. What was your favorite weekly lesson?
2. What have you learned throughout these twelve weeks?
4. What have you accomplished? Length? Moisture?
5. How have you grown as a natural?

Please look out for a special post from the Challenge Co-Hosts, which will include a discount code for 20% off your purchase of $20 or more. This is our way of saying THANK YOU for participating in the challenge. We hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Hi and Thanks soooo much for this challenge/info!!
    I learned plenty, had already researched plenty and learned more here. My fav lesson was the PH balance info because thats one that I have not really dug deep into but you guys gave me the info that I needed.
    I really enjoyed this, I braided my hair about 1 month ago and I believe that this is how i want to finish my transition, im 11mos into it and these braids makes it easy for me.
    Of course I have been looking at videos on caring for my braids.
    Thanx again ladies!!!
    c ya around!!

  2. The info on Porisity by Dimples! needed that.

  3. Hi! I can't believe it's over, I have so much to thank everyone for but I'll be brief! lol
    My favorite weekly lesson was on moisturizing and sealing and learning about the benefits of jojoba oil. I literally went out and bought some that week and have been using it in my hair mostly but also a drop or two in my face moisturizer. There are so many great benefits and I love that oil!
    Througout these week what stuck out to me the most also was making sure that I help the growth of my hair not only on the outside but from the inside out. I must admit that my eating habits have changed a bit, I make sure I take my multivitamins and I make sure I get the blood circulating by exercising weekly and giving myself scalp massages everytime I wash and deep condition which is usually twice a week. But I am taking baby steps and I think it's working!
    I believe that I have gained about 2inches in length despite my trim. My hairdresser trimmed about a half inch all around, a little bit more on the sides in May and I'm surprised to see my hair is back right where it was before the trim! I was so happy! I noticed my hairstyles are able to be stretched a day or two more because I moisturize and seal everyday. And my hair has gotten thicker! So I've accomplished quite a bit and I'm going to keep it up.
    I've grown so much because I've learned so much, I've been educated on the in's and out's of natural hair and why my hair does what it does and I understand it more and there is so much more for me to learn.
    Thansk curls of joy ladies this challenge has been of great help to me! I'll be patiently awaiting your next challenge :)

  4. I have posted my responses on my blog,, please take the time to check it out. I really enjoyed this challenge and I look forward to the upcoming Vlogger contest. I am truly grateful for this challenge and how it has allowed me to KNOW AND LOVE MY HAIR!!!

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Please Complete the Following:
    1. What was your favorite weekly lesson? My fave is accessories fron Iknowlee...never knew there were so many options.

    2. What have you learned throughout these twelve weeks? I learned my TRUE curl pattern, my texture type, properly moisturizing, protective styling and accessorizing are the ones that come to the fore front of my mind! YAY!!!!

    4. What have you accomplished? Length? Moisture? I have learned steps with retaining length and moisture with the steps in particular sealing.

    5. How have you grown as a natural? Researching to see what is best for my hair and paying closer attention to my hair in particular my ends

  6. My favorite weekly lesson was how to eat right for healthy hair and how to have a hair regimen. I have learned how to properly moisturize my hair,about low porosity and how to find the right styling methods for my hair type. I have learned how to properly seal my hair and how to keep moisture in. I have learned to b patient with my hair and when I feel like giving up, don't.

  7. 1. What was your favorite weekly lesson?
    I would have to say my favorite week was week three vitamins, lifestyle, and diet. This week encouraged me to eat healthy, not just for my health, but for my hair. I was never a healthy eater before this week of the challenge. I would never eat fruit or vegetables or anything like that. But now I ensure I get the vitamins and nutrients that I need for my hair. I also ensure I drink the right amount of water each day...also something I never used to do.

    2. What have you learned throughout these twelve weeks?
    I have learned how to properly nourish my hair, inside and out. I have learned about different protective styles and have been inspired to do protective styles on my own hair. I have learned how pH plays a very important role in the hair and its ability to retain moisture. I have learned about the science of hair and the purpose of the different layers of the hair and how the cuticle responds to different conditions. I have learned about different hair types and how certain ingredients affect one's hair. And I have learned the significance of a hair regimen and how important it is to seal moisture into the hair.

    3. What have you accomplished? Length? Moisture?
    My goals were to retain moisture, combat dryness, incorporate oil into my hair regimen, learn about oil treatments, and acquire growth. Acquiring growth was a given, retain that growth was the challenge. I believe I have reached all my goals. I have learned to properly moisturize my hair and use oil to seal moisture into my hair to prevent my hair from drying out. I have also developed a hair regimen in which I deep condition my hair once a week and do an oil prepoo treatment once a week. Throughout this twelve week challenge my hair has grown an inch, and I have managed to retain that length. So not only have I learned to properly care for my hair in this challenge, but I have learned to minimize breakage (which used to be a big issue for me).

    4. How have you grown as a natural?
    As a natural I have grown to embrace my curls, create my own blog documenting my natural hair journey and my progress throughout the curls of joy know your hair love your hair challenge. I am no longer insecure about my TWA I love it. I have grown to use protective styles in order to retain moisture and prevent breakage. As a natural, I have grown to be strong in caring for my curls.

    I want to thank everyone for putting together this challenge. I have learned a lot and I have grown a lot. I looked forward to every week, and the challenges for each week. It sucks that it is coming to an end. But I will remember all that I have learned, and I appreciate all the hard work and dedication that went into creating this challenge. Once again, Thank you guys so much for all that you have taught me.

  8. The Curls of Joy Challenge was very informative and a great learning experience!

    1. What was your favorite weekly lesson?
    My favorite was the lesson on moisture and sealing.

    2. What have you learned throughout these twelve weeks?
    Oh wow! What didn't I learn? It was very helpful to learn about the anatomy and science of hair, as well as the vitamins/nutrients necessary for maintaining healthy hair. It was also beneficial to have some info that I'd heard/read before be reiterated. It actually sunk in this time, particularly the topics on pH balance and moisturizing and sealing. I learned to be a "scientist", testing the pH balance of products and making a homemade leave-in conditioner, something I thought I'd never do.

    3. What have you accomplished? Length? Moisture?
    I tweaked my hair care regimen based on much of the info presented during the challenge. As a result of my revised, more organized, hair care regimen, I think I've maintained moisture better, length, and overall healthier looking hair.

    4. How have you grown as a natural?
    I feel more in control of my hair. Even after five years of being natural, as my hair goes to its next phase, I'm still learning and experimenting, to find the best products for it. I feel more confident about managing and rockin' my natural hair again. I'm truly getting to know my hair better and how to show it more love, so we (my hair & I) can both be happier.

    For more details, follow my blog, Natural & Lovin' It! (

  9. 1. What was your favorite weekly lesson?
    I think my favorite lesson, was the week we talked about moisture and how and why curly has loose moisture so quickly and how to maintain it!

    2. What have you learned throughout these twelve weeks?
    I have learned honestly what works and doesn't work. I love the fact, that I know, that honestly I don't have to put product in my hair. I can wash it, deep condition with coconut oil, then either apply more coconut oil or olive oil and do a braid out and it works wonders. I love the fact, that I am more free with my hair and its definitely a confidence booster!!!

    3. What have you accomplished? Length? Moisture?
    I have accomplished the goal, of learning more about my hair and understanding it and just being confident to walk out with my big hair and love it. I definitely have a better idea on how to keep my hair moisture. I can't get lazy! Its a daily process!!!! My hair I believe is now close to my bra strap and getting closer to that goal!

    4. How have you grown as a natural?

    Yes, I love my curls so much more than I like straight hair. For me, I think it helped me grow as young women (21 years). It also allows me to personality. I can be fun, flirty, girly, cute, beautiful , etc. Curly Hair is just so much more fun and exciting then straight hair. I am also open to trying to new products, to see what works.

    Overall, I am glad I went natural and I decided to further this challenge and not straighten my hair till March 2013. I am glad that I was able to do this challenge for myself and learn.

  10. Hi Beauties!!!! Wow,how time flies!!!!!!
    This has been a well learned journey. More than what I expected.

    1. What was my favorite weekly lesson? Well,I would say,the week about keeping a good healthy body and the week about the structure of hair with kimmaytube and journey to my roots. However,the week about moisture with IslandGurl really taughtvme things I havent heard before. All the weeks were amazing beneficial information! So please don't make me pick! LOL

    2. What have I learned throughout these twelve weeks? One thing I initially had an issues with was moisture intake for me and my girls hair. Then it became length. However,I have learned that being a mom that cannot afford a numerous amounts of products to try,I had to get a product that was great on mine and my 2 daughters hair. We all have different textures. So I dont expect all of our hair to do the same thing. I'm accepting of that and grateful to God because I and my daughters love our natural hair:-)

    4. What have I accomplished? Amazingly! I and my daughters have accomplished moisture and length retention!!! When we started the challege with you gals,we just started the CG method. So we learned a new method and how to accomplish our goals for oyr hair while on it!!!:-) I have accomplished an awesome bond with my girls more too:-)

    5. How have I grown as a natural? Well,in all honesty,I use to be stuck on the fact that I was a natural all my life,on my own. Then,I started watching other women. Hearing their stories,watching them do BIg Chops,listening to their stories of joy and sadness. MY natural hair journey is no longer felt alone. No longer not knowing how to make my hair better. But its a life change. A lifestyle. An appreciation to The Creator. That's just for me. We all have our own opinions of what this all means to be natural. I feel proud that my daughter loves to rock her natural hair. And seeing her being a tween and in the bathroom doing it herself:-) It's just a whole 'notha feeling yall...

    May we all progress in appreciation on our journeys in Whatever we are trying to succeed!!! :) Not just hair,but LIFE,itself!!! Thanking you all for allowing me to share and you all sharing what you share!!!! THANX CURLS OF JOY!!!!!! Love yall...Adore yall...take good care yall!!!!!:-)


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