Saturday, 28 April 2012

Week Five: Ingredients Roll Call

Hey Natural Beauties,

As a natural/transitioner you are probably bombarded by the amount of products on the market, but you must be even more overwhelmed by ingredients. What is mineral oil? What does it do? You are probably asking yourself "Wait, what is BTMS?" or "What in the world is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate?" Ingredients can be very confusing because there are so many out there and they have all their varying purposes and effectiveness. There are some products that are good for the length of your hair, but you should avoid applying to the scalp.

Don't become overwhelmed because our co-host Mahogany Curls, vlogger of Love. Your. Curls. on the YT is here to help you!

If you want to learn EVEN MORE about ingredients check out these posts! Click HEREHERE, and HERE!

What ingredients do you avoid? What ingredients work best on your hair?

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Week Four: Learn to Analyze YOUR Hair & First Check In!

Hey Naturalistas!

Many of us, especially newly naturals are still trying to grasp the personality of our hair. Analyzing your hair's characteristics is very important. Especially when wanting to maintain a healthy head of curls. When we talk about analyzing your hair, we are referring to porosity, texture, density, elasticity, and pattern.

Youtuber Denimnpixie made a video on analyzing your hair and its importance. Check it out below.

You can also check out THIS ARTICLE that was posted on CurlyNikki for more information on porosity!

For those of you who want to know and understand your hair pattern/texture but are confused by all the charts and typing systems, check out these videos by Youtuber JourneytoMyRoots!

Part One

Part Two

Hope this helps!

Are you a natural/transitioner who care about texture/pattern? What's your hair porosity?

Also, today marks our FIRST CHECK IN!! We are one step closer to our goals. So far we've spoken about the anatomy and science of  hair, lifestyle, vitamins, diet, and now, how to analyze your hair. We hope that you are learning new knowledge or reinforcing what you already know!

In honor of you completing the first four weeks of the challenge...Here is a giveaway on us!

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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Week Three: Vitamins, Lifestyle, & Diet

Hey Natural Beauties,

Everyone wants to live a healthy and long-lasting life. What’s the best way to do that? It all starts with taking care of yourself! Many of us forget that the things we intake can do more harm than good to our figures, hair, nails, and energy. We need to take the time out to start taking care of ourselves. Before we can achieve that head of healthy natural hair, we need to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

You have to feed your body nutrients such as protein for good body and hair health. Check out THIS ARTICLE by BGLH to learn more about the 13 nutrients that promote hair growth. You may also be curious about what foods you can eat to maintain healthy hair growth. Foods such as salmon and beans are packed with important ingredients for a healthy hair journey. Learn about other healthy foods for hair HERE!

Many of you know about Nina Ellis-Hervey, Ph.D., and creator of BeautifulBrwnBabyDol blog/vlog. She is a natural who has lost and maintained 100 pounds so she knows all about lifestyle changes for the hair and body. Check out her VERY interesting article HERE to learn more!

Have you been including these foods/ingredients in your diet? Is exercise a part of your regimen?

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Week Two: The Anatomy and Science of Hair

Hey Natural Curlies!

Anyone that values the beauty of healthy hair will and should be interested in this topic. Today we will focus on various aspects about what is growing on your head. In order for us to take good care of our mane, we must know what causes it to grow, what disables it from growing, and what can damage it in the process.

We will focus on hair follicles, what makes up a hair shaft, and come up with several techniques on how to protect all of those things. Here is KimmayTube breaking down the structure of hair so we can ALL understand it.

Sure, every head is not the same, but the goal of retaining a healthy head of hair is universal! Here is some more basic information from another youtuber!

CLICK HERE and HERE for more information on the structure of hair!

Do you think that this information was helpful? Let's talk about it!